Wondering if a business trip can be justified? 

Justifying a business trip is much harder today. Travel budgets are smaller. Virtual meetings are cheap and nearly carbon-free. And yet there are many good reasons for meeting in person.

So when is a trip justified?

Project Gather generates an unbiased rating for any business trip in just a few minutes.  Give it a try!

The first big question:

Should you meet virtually or in person? 

Describe the meeting you have in mind:

What's the main activity?
How many will be in this meeting?


Very Important

How important is this meeting?

will likely create

No better

meeting dynamics

than meeting virtually

Meeting in person

How important are each of these dynamics?

Building trust and relationships

Staying focused and engaged

Getting diverse or critical thinking

Effective leadership or facilitation

Analyze, then continue below:

Thinking, thinking...

Why? Because meeting in person will likely reduce these relevant risks:

Insufficient building of trust

Passive participation

Unhealthy group dynamics

Ineffective leadership

Reluctance to ask difficult questions

Lost attention

Low tolerance of diverse views

Nice! You've completed half of the assessment questions.

Project Gather will finish rating how justifiable this business trip is when you answer a

few more questions.

You'll get one of

these four ratings:

To finish rating this trip, simply register below. We'll gladly arrange a quick demo.

Companies can customize the weighting of each factor, and control the scores needed for

each rating.

Managers can easily eliminate low-value travel and protect budgets for those higher-value trips.

Project Gather is a

travel demand manager

using Trip Tester    logic

prototyped by

Patent Pending

For more information contact Scott Gillespie at scott@tclara.com



Got it, thank you!