About Some Use Cases For This Tool

Build Consensus on How to Meet

Some may want to hold a meeting in person, but others may prefer to meet virtually.  Ask everyone to rate the meeting using Project Gather, and compare results.

Improve Your Meetings

Get the meeting's participants to rate the meeting in advance, and have a quick discussion about how to mitigate the risks of the poor outcomes that Project Gather has highlighted.

Get a Business Trip Approved

You want to travel to a meeting, and need to make a good case why you need to meet in person.  Show your Project Gather assessment to your manager.  Even better, get your manager and the person you're meeting with to assess the meeting. 


About the Project Gather Prototype

Project Gather gives the user an unbiased assessment of justifiable a business trip is. It begins by assessing how much better, if any, a meeting's dynamics would likely be if the meeting were held in person instead of being held virtually. It lists up to seven risks likely to be relevant to the meeting and which may be reduced by holding the meeting in person.


The underlying Trip Tester (TM) logic is based on proprietary research conducted by tClara LLC using results of a survey of 172 U.S. business managers and executives conducted in September 2020.  The survey focused on their assessment of 20 meeting risks present in virtual and in-person meetings of small groups. Examples of these meeting risks include lost attention, poor leadership, insufficient building of trust and reluctance to ask difficult questions.


Project Gather then asks the user for inputs about other factors relevant to justifying a business trip.  These inputs are scored and the trip's justifiability rating is shown. A company administrator can adjust the weighting of each of five factors, and can control the scores needed for each rating, e.g., 90% or more for "Is Justified."

Project Gather is a patent-pending prototype.  It has not yet been designed for use on mobile phones. More features are planned. Trip Tester(TM) is a tClara LLC trademark.

About the Inventor and His Potential Bias

Scott Gillespie, CEO of tClara LLC, is a well-recognized thought leader in the business travel industry.  He has advised about one-third of the Fortune 500 firms on their corporate travel programs; provided training to all of the major North American airlines; pioneered the concepts and implications of justifiable travel and traveler friction and spoken at travel industry events in over 25 countries. Scott can be reached at scott@tclara.com and welcomes connections on LinkedIn.

As someone who has made his career in the business travel industry, it's easy to see why Scott may have built a tool biased toward in-person meetings. 


Scott's response? "I understand the concern. But judge for yourself the quality of the ratings and relevant risks that Project Gather gives for each meeting. If anyone sees a bias, let me know.  This tool won't earn any credibility points if it gives unreasonable assessments."